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Make your garage door safe for your children by reading these helpful tips.

Clean the tracks

For sliding, rollup, and overhead garage doors, it is very important to keep their tracks clean for the doors to move smoothly. The tracks are very prone to dirt buildup especially if you use the wrong lubricant. According to our specialists, a dirty track is among the main causes of jamming and doors getting stuck.

Avoid dust and dirt

Dirt and dust appear harmless and easy to remove, but allowing dirt to cling on to your garage door can actually cause permanent damage. Though microscopic, the damage can grow over time. As the usual lifespan of garage doors last for years, the effects may be evident after a certain time period.

Keep your door running smoothly

Most new doors are self-lubricated or perhaps with parts that do not need a lubricant. To keep your door running smoothly, check the door for problems. If your door is old, you should check if it is properly lubricated. Take a look at the parts of the door like the rubber seal and the sensors.

Protecting your wooden garage doors

When you have a wooden garage door installed, Garage Door Repair Norwood will make sure your investment is protected by properly treating your door in order to avoid possible rotting. If starts to rot, the door will need to be sanded and then treated.

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