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The overhead garage door will be safer if the sensors are checked weekly and with frequent services. Get more information from our FAQ below

Does size matter?

Garage door size only matters when it stores sizeable objects, such as big cars or other bulky objects. However, our experts also say that the size of the garage door should match the size of the garage and the house itself for purposes of functionality and efficiency. Always go for just the right fit.

What are the advantages of an automatic garage door?

The biggest advantage of an automatic garage opener door is, first and foremost, convenience. The ease and comfort of using it definitely makes it an attractive piece of equipment. It also provides safety and security features as they can only be opened by remote or a switch not available to others.

Is polystyrene better than polyurethane for garage door insulation?

Polystyrene is the material used in making coffee cups and it is not as efficient for thermal insulation as polyurethane. Our garage door professionals will unlikely recommend polystyrene for your garage door insulation. Polyurethane has twice the insulation factor and adheres better to door surfaces.

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